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PreK 3

Week of May 27-31,2019

THIS WEEK: We will spend these last few days exploring upcoming summer activities. Working with your child during the summer will help promote a smooth transition into PK4. It's been a great year and a joy watching your children learn and grow throughout the year. Good luck and best wishes in the coming years.

Letter Of The Week: Review A/a-Z/z letter and sound recognition

NUMBER OF THE WEEK:Review #0-#10 numerical and written recognition

Handwriting Practice:Trace first name, letter and number of the week





**Check the Heart to Heart for important dates/events/good news information at SHCS.

**Please send 2 drinks and eating utensils daily for your child as we have morning snack and lunch.  Water only  at this time for snack. No Red Juice in the carpeted areas of the school. Thank you

**Spirit Dress Days are on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month.

**Help support SHCS-We will collect Box Tops/Tyson Labels throughout the year.      

From Father Chris It is with heart felt joy that I am able to celebrate Mass with the students at Sacred Heart each week. As we move forward, I have a couple of requests. For parents who attend the School Mass. Please allow the students to sit with their class during Mass. This is an extension of their religious instruction they receive as part of Sacred Heart Catholic School. When attending Masses for special events such as Grandparents Day, the students may sit with their families in attendance. As a reminder to the presence of our Lord and Savior at each Mass, please refrain from chewing gum, eating or using a cell phone for games or texting during Mass. Sacred Heart Parish is blessed to have a Catholic School as part of our parish ministries. May God bless you for the sacrifice you make to allow your children a Catholic Education. Rev. Chris Unachuk.

"Growing in Virtues"

Mrs. Andrea Williams