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Oh, Boy!

Kindergarten, mighty, mighty, good! Wow! The children returned pumped, and ready to learn! We jumped right into routine, as if we didn't even loose a beat. I am so proud! We are looking on point!

I'm All Ears!

Folders, will be coming home, this week.

Hot Diggety Dog!

The letter for the week was "Ii". We learned the secrets of the letter "I"! 

"I", can stand alone as a sight word, or it can have a short sound, like in the word "pig", or it can have long sound, like the word "ice". The week continued with learning about iguanas. BE WARNED, THEY MAY, JUST WANT ONE! Writing practice is a must: captalization, punctuation, spacing and spelling! The children have been working hard! Reading, listening, sight words, and telling time.


We are at mid year, time to REALLY buckle down!

Oh, My Gosh!


Letter o/t Week    Kk

Reader               Individual

Language Arts       CVC Words

Math                 Vertical +/-

Social Studies       Our World


The year, from this point, is going to fly! Homework is important! Sight words, ALL letters and their sounds are imperative, to your child's success.

Folders are to be returned, on Friday! They need to be made ready to go home on Monday. Thanks!

Don't forget to register for - click: register, click: Sacred Heart School-Crosby. You will then have to fill out info., click: register to complete. Sacred Heart is hoping to get the WHOLE school registered! ALL monies raised, come back to our school family. 

Please be sure to read your Heart to Heart for all your upcoming, special dates, and events.


                                     Ms. Debbie;)

See ya real soon!

January 14      Mass/Uniform  

January 17      Spirit Day

January 20      No School