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Oh, Boy!

FLASHLIGHT FRIDAY, is finally here!! This Friday, will be the day Kindergarten, has been waiting for...hip, hip, hooray!! We will do all our learning for the day by flashlight! Morning meeting, sight words, storytime, lunch, games, songs and more, and all by flashlight! Please, allow your child to bring a flashlight, labeled with his/her name. Let the learning, and the fun begin!!

I'm All Ears!

Please note: Not all sight word rings were returned. Please check to see if you might have a set, laying about! Thank you!!

Folders come home this Monday, as well as the "Mary Box", but please be sure to have your child return folder on Friday, as all of next week, we will be on break. Your child, may not have a Reader in their folder each week, as reading, is individualized for each child. REMINDER: Readers that are copies, may be kept at home, for more practice. All others MUST be returned. Thanks!

Hot Diggety Dog!

Our week was "DELIGHTFUL"! The letter of the week was the letter "Dd". We began the with Math Monday. We counted to a hundred by 10's, and worked on our "tweens". (It seems to be the place we get hung up, a bit!) The Bar Graph was introduced, as well. In Social Studies we talked about  Cardinal Direction. "Never Eat Soggy Waffles"...a nifty way to remember: North, East, South and West. Language Arts moved us into basic sentence writing, and learning what an adjective is, and of course, sight word study!


Our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Feast will be this Thursday, during lunches! See you there! 

Oh, My Gosh!


Letter o/t Week    "Ff"

Reader               Individual

Sight Words         

Language Arts       Tales Folk/Fable

Math                 Half/Whole

Social Studies       Cardinal Direction


Hard to believe...Thanksgiving is already upon us! Reminder, Friday is a noon dismissal! Have a blessed holiday!

Don't forget to register for - click: register, click: Sacred Heart School-Crosby. You will then have to fill out info., click: register to complete. Sacred Heart is hoping to get the WHOLE school registered! ALL monies raised, come back to our school family. 

Please be sure to read your Heart to Heart for all your upcoming, special dates, and events.


                                     Ms. Debbie;)

See ya real soon!

November 19      Mass   

November 22      Early Dismissal

November 25-29  Thanksgiving Holidays

December 02      Back to School