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Junior High Science

6th Grade are growing CRYSTALS!!! Marvel in the colors.

Parent/Teacher Information

Feb. 18- NO SCHOOL -Student Holiday

Feb. 26- Scientist Project (6th, 7th, 8th) Due

Mar. 1- No School- SPRING GALA

Our Weekly Assignments

Homework/Test      (Week  - Feb. 18 - Feb. 22)

6th Grade: 

  • Monday-- Review for quiz
  • Tuesday--Simple Solution Quiz
  • Wednesday- 
  • Thursday—
  • Friday--

7th Grade:  

  • Monday--Review for quiz
  • Tuesday-  Simple Solution Quiz
  • Wednesday -
  • Thursday--
  • Friday--

8th Grade:

  • Monday-- 
  • Tuesday--
  • Wednesday--  
  • Thursday- Review for Elements Quiz
  • Friday-- Elements Quiz
  • This schedule is subject to change and the students will be aware of the changes

BEHAVIOR: please discuss proper expected behavior on campus and in the classroom. We have seen some not so appropriate behaviors and demeritics has been given. The handbook also explain the behavior expectations and the consequences. Thank you for your support.

A REMINDER: please be aware of the dress code from the student handbook. We will be enforcing the proper attire and hair cuts weekly.

NO PHONE WATCHES ARE ALLOWED, parents please help us enforce this. If a phone watch is worn it will be handled just like the cell phone. Remind students all cell phones are to be turned off and in back pack when they enter the school.

If your child has any health issues that pertain to frequent bathroom breaks please let us know. Otherwise, bathroom breaks will be monitored and limited due to the Increase of students.