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I am so happy with the students' spelling test results.  Most of them got 100% on Friday.  Keep it up Kiddos!

On Friday Morning our class will have a class breakfast to end our Reading Unit about From Farm toYou.  We did sequencing and learned about bread and jam and orange juice.  I will give more information on Class Dojo.

We are back on track with our AR reading and I am setting the goals for grade one on 20 points for the following 9 weeks.  Children should read a book at least 3 x before attempting a test. Please make sure your child is reading at least one book per night.

We completed the Unit on Graphs and Data Handling and will start working on Place Value this week.  My goal is to complete 10 lessons this week.  Please make sure that your student do the math homework every day.

We all enjoy the Reindeer unit and we will continue it this week.  Students can all draw reindeer now.

They are mammals.

Live in the arctic tundra.

Dig for food with their hooves.

They migrate south for winter.

Eat grass, moss, mushrooms, moss, flowering plants, and lichens.  Herbivores.

Are also called caribou.

They have antlers not horns.

Males are called bulls, females cows, and babies are called calves.

They make a clicking sound with their hooves.

There will be a spelling test this week on the -ook and -ood words.

On Friday we will have our Spelling and Progress test for Reading.  Also our Check your progress for Math lessons 1-7.

Dates to Remember

January 15 PTG Meeting 6:00pm

January 20 NO SCHOOL – Martin Luther King Holiday

January 23 Advisory Board Meeting 6:00pm

January 26 Catholic Schools Week Mass

Jan 26–Feb 1 Catholic Schools Week

January 29 Multicultural Evening 6:30pm

January 31 Donuts with Dad

Have a great week!


Ms. Ella