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Support SHCS by Using Scrip Cards
Sacred Heart Catholic School is very excited to participate in the SCRIP Gift Card program which will helps support our school. When you buy Scrip cards for your everyday purchases and even gifts, the school receives a percentage of the total value of each card. There is NO additional cost to you, but a HUGE benefit for our school.
There are hundreds of participating vendors/retailers. Click here for an order form with many popular merchants. You may also find additional merchants online at The percentage amount we earn depends on the retailer.
You may place your order two ways:
Online orders:
·       Go to
·       Register by using your email address & our school enrollment code: 734BC36826517
·       Place your order
·       Print your order
·       Send your check & a copy of your order to the school office
NOTE: Online orders also have the option of using Presto Pay. This is an automotive withdrawal process set up by you that withdraw funds from your back account. Presto Pay is optional and includes a $0.39 convenience fee.
Paper orders:
·       Fill out the Scrip order form completely
·       Return the order form along with your payment to the school office
All orders and payments must be received by Monday at 3:30pm of each week to guarantee delivery and pickup of cards by the following Tuesday at 3:00 – 3:30pm. You may submit an order at anytime during the week. The order will be placed the next Tuesday.
All orders must be submitted prior to the order date along with full payment.
We look forward to receiving your orders. HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!!!
For questions regarding Scrip, please contact Ciana Haggerty @ 713-823-8328