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Cheri Palacio

6th, 7th and 8th Grade Math

Math Test Schedule

6th Grade:  Tuesday, April 23 over solving one step inequalities

7th Grade:  Friday, April 26 over Probability (Dependant and Independant) and the Fundamental Counting Principle

8th Grade:  Tuesday, April 23 over Functions, Relations, Slope, X and Y Intercepts, Slope Intercept Form 

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Junior High Math Assignments

Click on the assignment if it is a

worksheet to access the link and download it. 

April 15 - April 18

Monday, April 15

6th:  Worksheet solving One Step Inequalities front and back

7th:  Workbook pg. 385-86  #2-17  Students should think about #12-13 and be able to explain the reason for

their answers.

8th:  Workbook pg. 189-90  #2-20 even


Tuesday, April 16

6th:  Solve Inequalities Add or Subtraction (front) and Mult or Division (back)

7th:  Probability Worksheets pg 1, pg 2, pg 3 (front and back)

8th:  Interpret Slope and Y intercept word problems


Wednesday, April 17

6th:  Review for Test #11

7th:  Permutation and Fundamental Counting Principle Packet 

8th:  Review for Test #11  Page we did in class,    Review Packet Test #11


Thursday, April 18

6th:  Finish Review for Test #11 and study for test

7th:  Finish Permutation and Fundamental Counting Principle Packet given on Wednesday

8th:  Finish Review for Test #11 and study for test

April 8-12

Monday, April 8

6th:  ITBS testing finish packet

7th:  ITBS testing finish packet

8th:  Workbook pg. 177-78  #13-22 (students had time in class to complete this assignment) Due tomorrow

         Workbook pg.  181-82  #2-20 even


Tuesday, April 9

6th:  ITBS testing finish packet

7th:  Finish ITBS Packet and pg. 373-74  #1-13 (complete problems we did not get done in class.)

8th:  Finish Slope and Functions Packet  


Wednesday, April 10

6th:  ITBS testing  Finish Packet

7th:  Finish ITBS packet and problems from page 373-74 given yesterday

8th:  Workbook page 179-80  #16-18  (We did all others on this workbook page together in class

        Workbook page  183-84  #9-17 #21  (We did #1-7, 18 and 19 in class together)


Thursday, April 11

6th:  ITBS testing Finish Packet

7th:  Intro to Independent Events in Probability and Practice Worksheet  Only the front of this worksheet.  We will

do the back tomorrow in class.

8th:  Scatterplots and X and Y Intercepts packet


Friday, April 12

6th:  Solving one step inequalities front and back

7th:  Dependent and Independent Probability (students need to complete the back of the worksheet from Thursday's

assignment as well.(See Google Classroom for copies of worksheets

8th:  Workbook pg. 185-86  #2-20 even


April 1 - April 5

Monday, April 1

6th:  Review Packet Test #10:  Solve One Step Equations, Set up and Solve Proportions

7th:  Study for test tomorrow.  Go over worksheets from Thursday and Friday and Workbook pages over Percent

8th:  Review Packet Test #10:  Perspective, Volume and Surface Area


Tuesday, April 2

No Homework for 6th, 7th or 8th due to shut down


Wednesday, April 3

6th:  ITBS Review Packet  Tomorrow students need to have completed or have questions about the following pages:

1, 9,17, 25, 41, 33, 49, 57, 65, 73, 81, 89, 97, 105, 113.  We check 1, 9, 17, 25, 41 in class.  This does not mean we

cannot go back over a problem on those pages if a student has questions.  All they need to do is ask.  For some

they might need the area of a rectangle A = bh or A = lw.  Our next unit is Geometry.  Unfortunately, this 

test is being taken before we can get to that unit.   Also they need 1 kilometer (km) = 1000 meters (m)

7th:  Work on the ITBS Review Packet and the pages assigned on Monday

8th:  Why Did They Build a Gym on Wall Street?  Review and dividing fractions and mixed numbers


Thursday, April 4

6th:  Try to finish the pages given in class reviewing for the ITBS on Monday.  We need to be able to address all

questions tomorrow, Friday.

7th:  Try to finish the pages given in class reviewing for the ITBS on Monday.  We need to be able to address all 

question tomorrow, Friday.

8th:  Workbook pg.  175-75  #2,4, 5, 6  #9-22


Friday, April 5

6th:  Finish ITBS Review Packet  Due next Friday (Students were given the answers n class.   They need to show

work for the problems)

7th:  Finih ITBS Review Packet Due next Friday  (Students were given some of the answers for this packet. 

The rest of the answers are up in Google Classroom.  They need to show work for the problems.)

8th:  Graduation pictures.  Students need to complete Thursday homework (Due MONDAY!!)



This is helpful information that can be used all year by my students!

           Order of Operations:

   G                              1) Parenthesis or other grouping symbols

   E                              2) Exponents

  MD-left to right          3) Multiplication or division in the order it appears from left to right

  AS-left to right           4) Addition or subtraction in the order it appears from left to right

        Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers:                               


               Same sign, add the numbers,                                -2 - 6 = -8        4 + 5 = 9          

               Different signs, subtract.                                                             

               Take the sign of the dominant number,                   2 - 6 = -4       -4 + 5= 1            

               Then you'll be exact.


                A line and a line                         -8 – - 10

                Make a plus sign                        -8 + 10    



       Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers


               pos x pos = pos                      6 x 8  =  48

               pos x neg = neg                       6 x -8 = -48   and   -6 x 8 = -48

               neg x neg = pos                      -6 x -8 =  48

               any number x zero = zero       -6 x 0  =  0

               pos / pos = pos                                                           10/2  =  5

               pos / neg = neg  (Also, neg / pos = neg)                     10/-2 = -5    and   -10/2 = -5

               neg / neg = pos                                                          -10/-2 = 5

               zero / any number = zero                                            0/7 = 0              0/-4 = 0

               any number / zero = there is no answer for this!        7/0 = undefined


                    Multiplying Fractions

            Write problems side by side.

            Write fractions in improper form.

            You DO NOT get common deminators.

            Cancel any common factors in the numerators 

            and denominators.

            Before you leave your answer make sure it is

            in simpliest form.           


                    Dividing Fractions  (KCF - Keep Change Flip)

            Dividing fractions, don't ask why

            Just flip the second number and multiply.

            And before you say goodbye,

            Don't forget to simplify.


                     Adding and Subtracting Fractions

           Write the problem verically (up and down)

           Get common denominators.

           Put dominant number on top.

           You do not have to change to improper fractions.

           With subtraction you may have to borrow.

           Simplify your answer.