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Every night before going to bed, I ask God to guide me so that I can be the teacher that each student needs. I love and pray for every single one of my students!-Mrs. Trevino

November 18-22, 2019

Our class Thanksgiving Feast will be this Wednesday, November 20. I will provide Luby's for all of my students. SHCS will also have our annual Thanksgiving Feast during lunch this Thursday, Nov. 21. Students will only have a reading test this Friday. Students will have early dismissal this Friday, Nov. 22.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving break!

It is extremely important for all students to practice multiplication facts and read during their Thanksgiving break. 

**Students will need to obtain 35 AR points by the end of the second nine weeks. It is important that the students do not wait until the last week to get their points.**

Please encourage your child to take time and study daily for 15-20 minutes. Studying a night before will overwhelm the student. Students may log on to spellingcity or mathletics at home for extra practice.Students have homework daily (it might not be a worksheet to turn in). Reading daily is expected and part of the students daily homework.

Yours in Christ,

Mrs. Trevino

What are we doing this week?

Language Arts-

  • Grammar-lessons 17/18-Main Verbs and Helping Verbs/Using Helping Verbs 
  • Reading- "A Crash Course in Force and Motion"

Science- Motion and Force/Lessons 21-24

Social Studies- Thanksgiving

Math- Chapter 4- Multiplying large numbers

Test and quiz this week

Grammar: None

Math: None

Science: None

Social Studies: None

Spelling: None

Vocabulary: None

Reading: AR Test on "A Crash Course in Force and Motion"


Dates to Remember 

Please check Heart to Heart for important dates/events/good news going on at SHCS. 

  • Nov. 13- PTG Meeting
  • Nov. 14- Progress Reports
  • Nov. 20- 4th Grade Thanksgiving Feast
  • Nov. 21- SHCS Thanksgiving Feast
  • Nov. 22- Noon Dismissal
  • Nov. 25-29- Thanksgiving Holidays


Vocabulary Words (None this Week)


Classroom Resources***students are required to log in at home and complete given assignments. If assignments are given, students will have until Thursday of that same week to complete assignments. ***students are required to log in at home and complete assignments***Parents may use this link to find out points and level of each book by typing in the name of the book. Not all books are AR, therefore, if you are using books from home, please check to see if it is an AR book. Use this link to sign in and check your child's AR progress.