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3rd Grade

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  April 23-26, 2019

                                             I hope everyone has a great Easter!

We will continue to work hard on this last half of our fourth 9 weeks. Please encourage your child to continue to stay focused on our class lessons and follow the class rules at all times.    


 Students need to obtain 40 AR  points for the fourth nine weeks. 

Please initial their planner daily.     

Homework will be given Monday-Thursday every week and will be written in their planners daily. 

Test/Quiz Schedule  

Reading- Thursday April 25, 2019- The Koala Catchers 

English- Friday April 26, 2019- Voc. #14     

Math- None        

Science Friday April 26, 2019- Test Lessons # 57-60

Social Studies- Friday April 26, 2019- Quiz # 49-52    

Spelling- None  

 Voc. #14 

1. admirable 

2. automatic

3. devotion

4. distant

5. dreary

6. exhaust

7. kindle

8. predict

9. separation

10. stunt

Important Dates to Remember

Please check the Heart to Heart for important dates/events/and SHCS news

Apr. 25- Progress Reports 


Classroom Resources***students are required to log in at home and complete given assignments. If assignments are given, students will have until Friday of that same week to complete assignments. ***students are required to log in at home and complete assignments (Class Activation Code PFC68) If you wish to order books online. ***Parents may use this link to find out points and level of each book by typing in the name of the book. Not all books are AR, therefore, if you are using books from home, please check to see if it is an AR book. Use this link to sign in and check your child's AR progress.


Please sign up for remind it is an excellent form of communication between parents and teacher.  You will not need to download the app to register.  You will just simply have to text the following message @bbhee4 to this number 81010.  You may send message Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and I will reply as soon as possible.